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       I'm April. I am a Christian single mom living in the friendly little city of Fortuna, California. I have three children still in school, one of whom has Cystic Fibrosis. We enjoy beach days, our community walks, meeting neighbors and our frequent medical road trips to San Francisco. By the grace of God, in the last year, I have bought a home, moved to a new city, gone back to school, and started a business!
       I am so excited to bring everything I have learned about skin therapy and treatments to my neighborhood. I know what it is like to try everything out there for acne, sensitive skin, rosacea and aging TO NO AVAIL! It took what seemed like forever, but I've done it. I can't wait to help you and your loved ones with your skin issues. Schedule a treatment with me today and see the difference!

Kinetic Microdermabrasion

Kinetic Microdermabrasion is NOT your typical microdermabrasion treatment. I use serious vitamin-powered crystals customized for your skin. Instead of a suction device, my service utilizes a high-powered silicone spinning brush head to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin without leaving any "striping". Unlike contemporary microdermabrasion, It is also safe for all skin tones. *Requires purchase of an aftercare kit to protect skin during the weeks after service.

Chemical Peels

I utilize a strong yet gentle TCA peel and AHA peel to reduce signs of aging and scarring. These peels are almost as strong as those you would receive from a dermatologist, but much gentler. For those who need a deeper peel than is accomplished with dermabrasion. Requires purchase of a post-peel kit to ensure skin's protection during following weeks.


Anti-Aging Acne Fighting Sensitive Skin-Calming Super Hydrating *Every Facial is personally customized for you based on skin type, concerns, and conditions.


Brows Upper Lip Full Face Underarms Half Leg Full Leg Arms Back


I have gift certificates, gift packaging and Dermalogica products available here at Magnolia. I also have a variety of unique gifts for you or someone you care about. Feel free to come by and browse or call anytime for a special order.

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