Kinetic Microdermabrasion

Kinetic Microdermabrasion is NOT your typical microdermabrasion treatment. I use serious vitamin-powered crystals customized for your skin. Instead of a suction device, my service utilizes a high-powered silicone spinning brush head to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin without leaving any "striping". Unlike contemporary microdermabrasion, It is also safe for all skin tones. *Requires purchase of an aftercare kit to protect skin during the weeks after service.

Chemical Peels

I utilize a strong yet gentle TCA peel and AHA peel to reduce signs of aging and scarring. These peels are almost as strong as those you would receive from a dermatologist, but much gentler. For those who need a deeper peel than is accomplished with dermabrasion. Requires purchase of a post-peel kit to ensure skin's protection during following weeks.


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